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I studied Graphic Design at Doncaster Art College back in 1988. Part of the course was darkroom photography with the SLR cameras introduced to us at the time. My creative life changed from there and my creativity ignited. Photography is such a lifelong passion which turned into a professional reality in 2008.
At first I started capturing professional portraits which then lead to weddings, fashion & commercial work, and has now grown considerably over the years.
Having been published and gaining various awards and accreditations over time with various photographic societies, my goal is to keep shooting and never become complacent or stop learning from top professionals regularly. A lot has changed since going digital and it’s important to keep fresh, gain new techniques and add new kit which pours more fuel into my passion.
My approach is friendly, laid back & chatty. It’s always good to get to know people before working with them. This initial process allows me to assess lighting, environment or venue, what they require and I am always thinking how to light & shoot creatively getting the best images overall.

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