Here at DW Classics we want to be a drug free bodybuilding show, so on this page you will find out a little more about being a natural athlete and gain more knowledge about doping.



Anti Doping

IDTM will be carrying out drug tests to DW Classic winners and placings to ensure that athletes competing with us are clean and natural.

Should a positive result be found the athlete will be disqualified and all prizes awarded will be taken away. The athlete will also be banned from competing with DW Classics for a 12 month period. In the event of this happening a new winner / place will be awarded who would then recieve all prizes.

We want to keep DW Classics clean and natural and ask all athlete to respect this when entering our show. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



WADA provide courses for athletes or anyone else who is interesting in learning and understanding about all things clean sport and anti-doping. The course ADEL is completely free and online so no need to worry about going anywhere. There are loads of resources, videos and quizzes with everything you need to know about clean sport.


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